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    Session 6.03: Innovative tools to improve understanding of groundwater recharge processes
    Chkara (orateur)
    Spatial modeling of groundwater recharge by coupling SWAT and MODFLOW models
    Accurate estimation of groundwater recharge is extremely important for proper management of groundwater systems. Many different approaches exist for estimating recharge. This research proposes a combination of the most widely used hydrological models SWAT and MODFLOW, in order to calculate the groundwater recharge rates. SWAT is the acronym for soil and water assessment tool, a watershed scale model developed by USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS). SWAT was developed to simulate the quality and quantity of surface water and groundwater, predict the impact of land management practices on water, sediment and agriculture chemical yields in large complex watersheds with varying soils, land use and management conditions over long periods of time. MODFLOW is a modular three-dimensional finite-difference groundwater flow model developed by USGS for numerical simulation of groundwater flow in porous media. The model is physically based, and capable of reflecting spatial characteristics and movement of groundwater. However, to form SWAT-MODFLOW model the recharge values of the hydrologic response units (HRUs) in the SWAT model are assigned with cells in the MODFLOW model. By using this HRU–cell conversion interface, the distributed groundwater recharge rate can be effectively simulated. This method is applied to the R'Mel coastal aquifer located in the north of Morocco. The application has been tested successfully, and which demonstrates that an integrated SWAT–MODFLOW is capable of simulating a spatio-temporal distribution of groundwater recharge rates. This model would be beneficial in the planning and the sustainable groundwater management.


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