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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.07: Transdisciplinary and participatory approaches in groundwater research and management
    Peter Penning
    Stakeholder Engagement and Groundwater Ð A practical approach
    Water is a common good and an emotive subject. Facing an ever increasing water scarcity more and more companies must take into account and pro-actively manage the needs, perceptions and desires of stakeholders to avoid restrictions on their ability to use water. Stakeholder engagement needs to happen at the local level – literally in the basin. However, stakeholder engagement at this local level is very different from what is currently the norm in many companies. Acts of charity and philanthropy are necessary, but do not amount to a serious engagement activity. A centralized approach, driven from headquarters is also not an optimal approach. It is vitally important to engage with the right stakeholders at the right level of effort. Bad stakeholder engagement or ill-prepared stakeholder engagement is worse than no engagement. Stakeholder engagement, when done well, however, will significantly improve companies’ chances of continued and uninterrupted production. Practical approach to stakeholder identification and mapping must be outlined in order to help companies to design the right, fit for purpose, stakeholder engagement plan. Identifying the stakeholders is only the beginning. The stakeholders need then be scrutinized and assessed for a number of key criteria. These criteria will depend on the company’s own strategic objectives. Once this is done, a stakeholder map can be constructed to provide an overview of all stakeholders in such a way that in the next step, planning, an approach for each stakeholder that is in line with company strategy will be designed. Only then can we work together with stakeholders on a more sustainable use of water in each basin.


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