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    Session 7.05: The Challenges for Transboundary aquifer management
    De Rosa Diego
    The Agreement of the Guarani Aquifer. A regional adaptation to the Law of Transboundary Aquifers
    The interesting peculiarity which has the Agreement of the Guarani Aquifer (2010) - as regional adaptation to the Law of Transboundary Aquifers (U N A Res 63 439)- is that it turns out to be a valid international legal tool to articulate and strengthen local legal and institutional frameworks, concerning the functioning of the aquifer system, their recharging and discharge zones, the checking or monitoring activities , which have - or may have- direct or indirectly negative impact in the short or long term, either on the surface or underground. ** Through its articles - even though the Agreement is still not current due to lack of total ratification of all the signatory countries – it is estimated that it would be a useful legal tool to reach a sustainable and integrated management through the principles of- equitable and reasonable utilization, the obligation to prevent and not to cause significant harm to other aquifer State, general obligation to cooperate and regular exchange of data and information.** In this sense, the agreement is an invitation to the signatory countries to effectively implement cadastres and registers of waters, as technical tools to meet the proposed purposes.**


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