Présentations Colloques

    Session 6.01: Managed Aquifer Recharge
    Najah Mahdi Lateef Al Maimuri
    Sustainability of Environmental Topology & Water Resources management of Enclosed Land by Vertical Irregular Geotechnical Barriers
    Corresponding to many social problems arisen in Iraq such as population growth, political problems of controlling terroristic croups on the water dams of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and even collapsing of Al Mosul Dam the biggest in Iraq (happening now in 2016), construction of Aliso Dam in Turkish to prevent surface water (SW) allocations entering Tigris causing a declining of water heads which leaded to stopped electrical hydropower stations leaving Iraq with a sharp leakage to electricity , people migration, in addition to worse administration politics, calls for new and effective water resources management were promoted.**A hydrogeologic solution was issued by using 2D groundwater (GW) and conjunctive use models to optimize a conjunctive study for Hashyimia Region of 110km2. Saving a SW as possible is a main objective among other available water resources such as rainfall and GW exploitation provided that water requirements are completely satisfied. **Unsteady groundwater modeling process based upon the solution of finite difference approach of Laplace`s Equation required mesh design of a model domain, aquifer properties determination by pumping test analysis, model calibration to evaluate the safe yield of aquifer bearing layer whereas the conjunctive use model required an assessment of meteorological elements, local plant diversity and water demand estimation, population counting and urban water needs to adapt an integrated water resources management.**The hydrogeologic management study based firstly upon consuming a rainfall and GW resources to satisfy the total water requirements and secondly is integrated by SW if it is needed.**The current hydrogeologic study paved the solution to many social and ecosystem problems and encourage the opposite people immigration through satisfying people water requirements and overcoming the local environmental problems such drying of swamped lands, and saving of 66,099,456mcm year of SW. The study revealed that previously a 3.76 cumces of SW is specified to cultivate 48% of the total area whereas the current study showed a 3.467 cumces enough to cultivate the total area.******


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