Présentations Colloques

    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.06: Groundwater protection and governance: examples of groundwater protection models, and the role of the private sector
    Molle Fran
    The governance of groundwater and the state-community comanagement continuum
    Governing groundwater is one of the thorniest issue in water management. It is generally recognized that governance systems only relying on state authority on the one hand or, on community management, on the other, are only successful in very particular and rare cases. This presentation offers a review of various cases from around the world situated along the state-community continuum+ it first illustrates the diversity of arrangements and then tries to identify contextual conditions conducing to a degree of success, understood as the stabilization of abstraction at a level which is environmentally sustainable. This leads us to distinguish between different types of aquifer, groundwater use, political economy and state-citizenry relationships.


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