Présentations Colloques

    Session 3.01: Groundwater data in the New Digital Age
    Mougin Bruno
    Forecasts of the evolution of groundwaters levels by improving national piezometric networks data, and give at the publics disposal of almost real-times data (cards and curves). Goes from the sensor to the measured datas dissemination
    Targeted provisional session N°3.01****In front of current societal expectations and of climate-related events more and more marked (water resource’s quantity and quality, pressures, climate change, drought, floods by water table rise, the need to have as quickly as possible recently measured data), the BRGM internal research project called “MétéEau des nappes” is trying to give at the public’s disposal of almost real-time basic and improved data that comes from of the measures made on the national piezometric network. The aim of this project is to supply these data associated with meteorological data and rivers flows. The objective is also to show the data coming from modelling and forecasting of groundwater’s levels (high and low) with cards and curves.****This project, led by a multidisciplinary team (hydrogeologists, computer scientists, and geostatistical men of the BRGM), deals with various scientific and technical bolts - storage and provision of basic data coming from more than 1400 sensors of groundwater’s levels and from the forecasts, model tools for the prediction of the aquifers functioning, interoperable communication tools standards allowing exploitation and crossing data from other networks (meteorology, river flow) daily to characterize in almost real-time quantitative state of groundwater resources…****After 3 years of project, a practical and innovative tool could be set up. It would allow varied uses - going of the simple display of current and future height or depth of groundwater table by water’s stakeholders (French SAGE’s moderators, technicians of river catchments), to the improvement of the water use management in the dry season or in the flood season by State’s Services (for example - order of water restriction).****Among the French stakeholders interested in this initiative, we can indicate - Water agencies, DREAL, DDT, Regions and Departments, Association of Municipalities, Industrial water producers…


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