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    Oral Presentation
    van der Keur Peter
    KINDRA Project- European Inventory of Groundwater Research (EIGR)
    A fundamental activity developed by Horizon2020 KINDRA project, focused on groundwater knowledge and research in Europe, is the European Inventory of Groundwater Research (EIGR), the tool which allows the application of the Harmonised Terminology and Methodology for Classification and Reporting Hydrogeology related Research (HRC-SYS), previously elaborated during the project. **The EIGR is intended to be used in three different ways- i) for insertion of information pertaining to groundwater research and other available knowledge by the National Experts of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG)+ ii) for consultation during and after the project by people and organisations dealing with groundwater research, but also possibly by non experts+ iii) for analysing collected and stored information to identify trends, challenges and gaps in groundwater research, by the KINDRA partners. The EIGR is intended to be a permanent resource, publicly available also after the end of the project.**The EIGR will not contain data itself, but rather metadata, referring and providing links to research that has been performed in Europe since 2000, and at the same time allowing their classification under the uniform proposed HRC-SYS. The EIGR allows for the insertion of different information products. In the process of inserting information in the EIGR, users are guided to classify the uploaded information and distinguish between ‘research’ and ‘knowledge’ according to four different classes of “knowledge” and “research” identified by the level of the performed quality assurance the uploaded work has received.**The EIGR Online Data Catalogue has been recently modified from an alpha version, which has been tested and checked during the trial phase, through the help of National Experts designated by the EFG’ Linked Third Parties. A beta version is being released after appropriate tests carried out during the development of the project. The EIGR is now in the population phase, by insertion of records related to research and knowledge at the national scale. All people interested in groundwater can have access to the EIGR for record insertion and for consultation.


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