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    Fernandez Isabel
    KINDRA Project- End user requirements
    In the first year of the implementation of the KINDRA project (Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research) a survey was carried out assessing the needs and requirements of the potential project end-users. The task was evolved via an online survey and the work also included the identification of potential project stakeholders and the development of a corresponding database. We received 161 responses from 132 organisations in 22 countries. ****Results confirmed the interest on the activities previewed in the KINDRA project, giving useful information for a fruitful development of the project. According to the results, 82% of the responders use reports on groundwater research during their work and have a high interest towards the project objectives. The most frequent types of groundwater research information are mapping and monitoring (31% and 23,6 % of the responders). Other frequent keywords used are research on geological information, modelling, hydrochemical, stratigraphic, groundwater level, quality, assessment results and aquifer parameters, including borehole data. ****The responses about the used Hydrogeological Research Classification indicates that there is a lack of a common understanding on what a classification system means as well as the range variety of different classification systems used by the responders. This result justifies the need for KINDRA that has the primary objective to create a uniform, EU-harmonised categorisation approach terminology for reporting on groundwater research- a Hydrogeological Research Classification System – HRC-SYS. The vast majority, 88% of the participants were in favour of a more harmonised categorisation approach terminology for reporting groundwater research. Immense proportion, 89% of the respondents were convinced that the EU-wide assessment of existing practical and scientific knowledge from hydrogeology research and innovation in Europe would be relevant for their professional activity. ****


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