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    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.10: Recent developments in groundwater modeling and mathematical tools in Hydrogeology
    Patel Sharad
    Kansa's Multiquadric Based Meshfree Solution for Confined Aquifer
    A successful strategy for groundwater management depends upon the adequate estimation of groundwater head distribution over the aquifer region with lesser computational time resource. Most of the groundwater simulation models are based upon certain element (FEM) or grid (FDM) formulation for the interpolation of head values which eventually imparts rising simulation cost. Since management scenarios often demand calling simulation models several hundred times to deliver the acceptable decision scene, it is essential that an efficient system simulation technique is adopted. In this paper a recent Kansa’s global approach based meshfree (Mfree) model is developed as a ground water simulation tool. The developed model is maiden tested on two- dimensional homogeneous isotropic confined aquifer flow problem with its solution showing close agreement with the analytical solution. Different time steps and varied pumping schedules were also assessed for a performance check with available solutions. Mfree model also showed better accuracy com-pared to FEM solution. Later this model is applied to a different synthetic aquifer flow problem analogous to field variability of parameters viz. non- homogeneity, anisotropy and boundary inflow with the irregular com-putational domain. Mfree solutions are the testimony of accuracy and successful application of the developed model. The proposed model can also work as a first stage simulator before coupling with an optimization al-gorithm for problems like inverse groundwater modeling, groundwater contaminant source identification etc. for appropriate management of groundwater.


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