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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.03: Agricultural and sanitation contaminants and implications for water services and health
    Ducci Daniela
    Nitrate trends in groundwater of the Campania region (southern Italy)
    The WFD (Annex V 2.4.4) and GWD (Article 5.1) state that significant and sustained upward trends shall be identified in concentrations of pollutants, groups of pollutants or indicators of pollution found in groundwater bodies or groups of groundwater bodies at risk. **Following this aim, the nitrate trends were calculated for some groundwater bodies of the Campania region (southern Italy) by adopting 3 approaches- comparison of four years monitoring periods+ statistical linear trend analysis+ extended statistics using the GWStat software, developed by the German Company Quo Data . The chemical data derive from the monitoring activity of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPAC) 2002-2014, integrated by data of the University of Naples. **The trend analysis showed that while in the groundwater bodies of carbonate aquifers the nitrate content is substantially constant, multiyear fluctuations affect some areas of the plains. The results achieved with the different methods are similar, but the software has proved very useful for the following reasons- - GWStat makes the calculation of the trend very simple, compared to graphic analysis and the method has statistical significance+ - the graphic method has a lower reliability, especially in presence of the anomalous values (due to possible localized pollutions) that influence the graph+ -the method successfully identified trend reversal of nitrate concentrations. **Lastly, for one groundwater body a geostatistic spatial analysis has been performed using GIS, in order to estimate the spatial variability of the nitrate trends. The location of upward and downward trends seem to be related to differences in landuse, but longer time series are needed for confirmation. **


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