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    Oral Presentation
    Session 3.01: Groundwater data in the New Digital Age
    Loigerot Stéphane
    Opening the sharing and reuse of groundwater datasets to new communities and citizens
    Accessing datasets in water, in particular groundwater on line and up-to-date data on groundwater measurements, seems easy for the experts in the appropriate field of science. In France, the ADES Information System (http- allows to download specific datasets for piezometric data levels or groundwater quality analysis. But, opening up to others actors (industrial, universities, civil society) are not provided by this type of internet platform.****The Ministry of the Environment, BRGM and The French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments (ONEMA) have been experimenting in the Hub'Eau project - http- - (winner of one of National Investment programme) new interfaces providing access to environmental data, and in particular data of the National piezometric network (Water Framework Directive), managed by the BRGM. Rather than trying to answer all the requirements of current and potential users, Hub'eau provides a mediation platform between groundwater specialists and other communities. This mediation is focused on different objectives-**- A technical platform that will digest current data flows (ADES web services, specialized OGC standards,…) to (re)publish more friendly datasets through API and CSV files. This platform delivers a single interactive access point (URL) to all type of water datasets with simple opendata copyrights. **- An “animation” platform that helps crossing-fertilize viewpoints and promote interdisciplinarity and succeeds to initiate new reuse of the knowledge of groundwater. For example, the organization of “Hackathon” sessions (June 2016) offers the opportunity to federate hydrogeologists, end-users, - datajournalists, NGOs,…- , and IT developers around the use of the Hub’Eau platform, share skills and invent new applications of hydrogeological data sets.****The challenge of Hub’eau project is to improve value-added groundwater services outside the community of hydrogeologists- guarantee a short learning curve to use this information, without distorting them, was the technical goal. Reduce the risk of incorrect use of our datasets, with no guarantee of success, and create bridges between producers and end-users is the long-term goal.**


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