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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.05: The Challenges for Transboundary aquifer management
    Puri Shaminder
    The transboundary water resources of Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa- complementarity, consistency, or neither ?
    The surface water resources of three countries in the South African region are entirely intertwined and significantly inter dependent. The groundwater resources are less so, primarily because the aquifer systems are localised, yet they contribute to local demands in a very important way. The 2016 drought in the region has placed an unprecedented pressure on the countries. Each have responded in somewhat different ways. While the drought has just broken with welcome rains, the legacy of this drought remains. Measures to become drought resistant that were developed in the recent years were not implemented then and are perhaps still dormant. Aquifer resources to alleviate the drought came to the resucue, but as usual – too little, too late. There is some potential for developing and expanding conjuctive use of river waters (when in flood) and aquifers, local though they may be. The paper will set out the approach to the planning that is adopted in the three countries and it is not consistent. The question has to be posed, how to make the policies and actions consistent. The paper will be based on the past 24 months field work in the three coutroes as part of a EU technical assistance to improve and implement integrated water resources management.
    United Kingdom


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