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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.06: Groundwater protection and governance: examples of groundwater protection models, and the role of the private sector
    Mohamed Sinan
    Comparative study of the evaluation methods of the vulnerability of aquifers to pollution in a porous environment with the use of SIG tools. With application to the aquifer of Souss-Chtouka, Morocco
    The coastal aquifer of Souss-Chtouka is localized in the geographical center of Morocco, extends over a surface approximately 5000 Km2 and circulates in plio-quternaire alluviums of thickness varying generally between less than 10 m and 30 m. **The groundwater’s quality of this important aquifer (used for drinking water, agricultural and industrial requirements), is often threatened by various sources of pollution of anthropological origin (domestic, agricultural and industrial). Given the high costs necessary for the purification of groundwater, it is very important to prioritize prevention. The characterization of space distribution of the aquifers vulnerability to pollution, represents one of the most effective tools in the prevention of aquifer pollution.**For a better appreciation of this vulnerability, five different methods have been tested (thanks to the use of the powerful features offered by the SIG) and their results have been compared to the location of the potential sources of the pollution of aquifers and at the same time, to the water quality in the aquifers for quite some time.**The obtained results shows that the DRIST method (Sinan, 2000), using parameters related to the ground and none-saturated zone, characterizes in the best way, the spatial variation of the aquifer of Souss-Massa vulnerability to pollution.This method has also been tested successfully on other aquifers in Morocco (Haouz, Angads, Kerte, Bouarg). We recommend its use for the characterization of the vulnerability in porous aquifers in Morocco and in other countries of the world.**


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