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    Session 7.06: Groundwater protection and governance: examples of groundwater protection models, and the role of the private sector
    Brou Dibi
    Vulnerability assessment of risk pollution groundwater in hard rock fissured- cas watershed of Lobo (Buyo, southwest of Côte d'Ivoire)
    Groundwater is one of the most important natural resources to supply in drinkable for drinking water especially in countries who is in the way of development. However, the rapid and uncontrolled urbanization and agricultural activities would be considered as the risks and potential sources of groundwater pollution. This could affect water’s quality and reduce its value. The objective of this study is to evaluate the risk of exposure to this resource pollution.****The method adopted was to integrate all the factors that may contribute or influence the exposure of these groundwater level pollution. To do this, the DRASTIC method that seems, from literature to be the most suitable method for our study area was adapted. The map produced from this method has been crossed subsequently with two other layers. It is the land use that influences the vulnerability to pollution and the quality factor that includes all the quality parameters identified from a statistical test (method of Principal Component Analysis Normalized (PCAN)) as threatening the quality of water resources. These three maps or layers, according to their importance, have been crossed for the mapping of the unprotected area to pollution**.**Preliminary results allowed us to adapt the method DRASTIC by integrating the thickness of the weathered layer to change the nature of the vadose zone making this criterion more robust and therefore more important than the type of aquifer. Regarding the land use, the map generated from the Landsat images highlights areas where activities threaten water quality. For quality factor, the statistical test used and the results that are being will allow us to determine the parameters which influences the quality and that constitute the quality factor. The combination of these three factors DRASTIC, land use and quality will allow us to map risk areas**
    Côte d 'Ivoire


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