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    Session 5.01: Groundwater resources in a world facing climate change
    Arcidiacono Cristiana
    Groundwater under the Risk of Climate Change in Guinea Conakry
    Ground water (GW) has a pivotal role as a life-sustaining resource. With intensifying climate change (CC), GW has a growing importance to develop adaptation strategies. On a short-term, GW represents a buffer against CC variability effects, but, on a long-term, it is affected by CC and land-use. In this respect, the UNESCO program of GRAPHIC -GW Resources Assessment under the Pressure of Humanity and CC- shares important information on GW risks under the effects of human and CC in the developing countries.**A region severely affected by a multiple range of livelihood and poverty issues intertwined to the availability and quality of GW resources is West Africa (WA). Guinea Conakry, in particular, is very rich in water resources, but poses many socio-political challenges e.g. the reliance on GW for food production and for ecosystem maintenance. Guinea’s water and development potential are further at risk because CC superimposes effects difficult to forecast e.g. rainfall reduction and spatial-temporal irregularity coupled with the temperature rise.**Under the GRAPHIC, the scope of this work is informing policy makers and managers both on GW data gaps and on possible threats under CC and human pressures in Guinea. Available data from documentary analysis were first explored and presented here. Secondly, the future GW recharge stress in Guinea is shown under the highest CO2-emission scenario using a new global model. Thirdly, preliminary results from simulations of another global model on GW nonrenewability in presence of abstraction are shown. Overall, this study stimulates not only compelling GW observations to corroborate and expand results, but also a GW spatial and temporal analysis in vulnerable areas.**********


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