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    Oral Presentation
    Session 1.03: Sharing groundwater knowledge
    Butcher Andrew
    Challenges faced and approaches used by hydrogeologists in environmental baseline monitoring related to shale gas developments. Two case studies from active areas in northern England.
    The British Geological Survey (BGS) has initiated science-based environmental monitoring programmes in Lancashire and Yorkshire in northern England where planning applications were submitted by energy companies for the development of shale gas. This monitoring is independent of the industry and regulators and represents the first independent, integrated monitoring programmes to characterise the environmental baseline areas subject to interest from the shale gas industry. **We present our perception of the challenges we faced in presenting our role to the general public and landowners in these area, how we addressed these and what we have learned in the process. We also present a chronology of how we planned and undertook the establishment of the groundwater monitoring networks to complement existing surface and groundwater monitoring sites and how we supported related monitoring activities including seismicity and soil gas assessment.**We will demonstrate how the data will be useful to inform communities and regulators and how the data is being made available in traditional summary form and in real time.**
    United Kingdom


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