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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.02: Urban Hydrogeology
    Bricker Stephanie
    Accounting for Groundwater in Future City Visions
    As urban populations continue to dominate globally, city planners, urban innovators and researchers are increasingly working on joint initiatives to investigate the physical, social and political aspects of harmonised urban living. Many city initiatives tend towards broader ‘future city’ concepts where knowledge dissemination, cooperation, policy reform and urban design run in parallel with big data and smart technologies. Despite this, sustainability principles are often lacking in future city visions and the importance of urban groundwater systems and the ecosystem services provided by urban underground space are not yet appreciated by city representatives. However the importance of groundwater for cities is well-recognised by expert practitioners, for example+ the role of groundwater for water supply and geothermal resource, baseflow contribution to urban rivers, flood risk, management of blue-green infrastructure, effects on underground infrastructure. Practitioners are equally aware that future interventions planned for cities, such as sustainable drainage systems, rainwater harvesting and use of geothermal heat will greatly affect the urban groundwater system. Using London as a case study, we use data from water resource management plans and local planning strategies to account for changes in the urban groundwater balance which may arise as a result of planned city interventions. The groundwater accounting is completed for two future city scenarios for London in 2036, one informed by current organisational policy and one which adopts an ‘aspirational’ future. Outcomes from the accounting exercise may be used in conjunction with social and political insights to guide plausible and scientifically informed city visions and interventions.
    United Kingdom


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