Présentations Colloques

    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.04: Isotopic and residence time tracers
    Konstantin Scheihing
    Groundwater residence times of the Salar de Coposa basin, North Chile - Preliminary results
    Groundwater resources of the Salar de Coposa basin, which is situated in the Andean Altiplano of northern Chile, are being exploited since 1997 for mining purposes. In 2011 a detailed sampling campaign on groundwater isotope hydrology has been carried out by the local mining company, with the final aim to enhance groundwater management measures.****d18O-contents vary from -5‰ to -14‰, dD range between -63‰ to -111‰ (VSMOW). Data for pmC plot between 0.6 to 49 and Tritium between 0TU to 1.4TU, while in groundwater Tritium could not be detected. Hence uncorrected mean residence times of groundwater ranges between 5800 to 43000 years. Different applied correction models for mean groundwater residence times are being considered but still need to be discussed in conjunction with related hydrochemical models and the overall geological setting.****Preliminary results of the analysis and interpretation of the full data set, containing altogether 37 samples, allow first conclusions about the dynamics and functioning of the hydrogeological system with broader implications for similar Altiplano basins exposed to semi-arid climate conditions. **


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