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    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.02: Groundwater Development and Protection in Coastal and Volcanic Environments with Complex Geological Structures
    Giuseppe Sappa
    The website- a tool to share and make information on coastal aquifers available
    The IAH Coastal Aquifer Dynamics and Coastal Zone Management (IAH-CAD-CZM) Network has organized a website (http- ) aiming at collecting georeferenced data, and sharing information on coastal aquifers from all over the world, so as to let them available for researchers, professionals, and stakeholders. **The overall focus of this network is to understand better hydrological process dynamics in coastal areas and improve the most effective long-term management strategies for water resources endangered by saltwater intrusion. The IAH-CAD-CZM website presents data on coastal aquifers in the form of a brief questionnaire so that researchers may compare and share their knowledge on the coastal aquifers they have under study. The questionnaire includes information about lithology, hydrogeological and hydrochemical characteristics, salinity sources, special features, applied monitoring methods, numerical modeling, management strategies, and in case seawater and brackish groundwater desalination technologies. **The structure of the website is hierarchically organized into six pages, containing the lists of coastal aquifers present in six macro-geographical regions (Northern and Central America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania). **Data referred to more than one hundred coastal aquifer studies were collected. About forty questionnaires were fulfilled, partly directly by the authors of the studies, partly by the authors of this paper, who uploaded the data on the website after having them validated by the researchers responsible for the investigations. **Up to now, more than 50 questionnaires have been reviewed and are shown on the website, and about 100 are under validation. The development of the IAH-CAD-NET-CZM website is in progress. **The data collected so far on coastal aquifers from all over the world constitute the basis for a comparative analysis of the most adopted investigation and monitoring methods for seawater intrusion, vulnerability mapping, groundwater protection technologies, and institutional planning and management.**


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