Présentations Colloques

    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.10: Recent developments in groundwater modeling and mathematical tools in Hydrogeology
    Boyraz Ugur
    An Experimental Setup for Stream-Aquifer Interaction Modeling
    Groundwater modeling is important to understand the effect of the hydrogeological parameters. While the analytical and the numerical models represent the theoretical point of view of the problem, the experimental studies represent the physical insight and help improve the theory. An experimental setup is designed to model the groundwater flow in an unconfined aquifer which is in interaction with a stream. The setup is developed by considering a special 2-dimensional problem which includes a stream boundary with constant slope The rest of the boundaries are no-flux boundaries which are represented by Neumann boundary conditions. A plexiglass box, which has 50 cm length, 50 cm width, and 10 cm depth, is placed on a movable table whose slope may be adjusted depending upon the physical problem. Inflow and outflow pools are placed at the inlet and outlet points of the stream in order to establish constant water depth along the stream. At the left hand side of the aquifer, the sloping stream boundary is put along y-direction with a length of 50 cm and width of 1.5 cm. In order to adjust the constant bed slope, a wooden stick (50×1.5×0.4 cm) is placed. The rest of the box is filled with sand. A special filter is used to avoid the sediment transport between stream and aquifer. Several wells are placed into the aquifer to measure the groundwater head. The experiment is run for selected sloped stream head values and the groundwater level in wells is measured. The observations are compared with the analytical & numerical model results. The comparison shows that the experimental measurements match with the analytical and numerical model results. It is concluded that the experimental setup represents the groundwater flow accurately and can be used for the other scientific investigations.


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