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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.02: Urban Hydrogeology
    Alberti Luca
    Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis and transport modeling to assess PCE diffuse pollution in Functional Urban Area of Milan, Italy
    The Italian law 152 2006 adopted the EU Water Framework Directive principles and entrusts to the Regions the task of identifying areas subject to groundwater diffuse pollution and to assess the contamination level. In the Lombardy Plain area, the qualitative groundwater conditions is affected not only by a high soil vulnerability but also by a huge concentration of industries and anthropic activities. In this study tetrachloroethylene (PCE) diffuse pollution has been assessed in the Functional Urban Area (FUA) of Milan where chlorinated solvents are the main groundwater contaminants and have been monitored for several years by public authorities. First hotspots have been identified in the FUA through Cluster Analysis (CA) applied to concentration values collected in unconfined confined aquifers during the period 2003-14. Then, 2 different approaches have been used to assess the PCE contamination level related to the diffuse component. In the first, a numerical transport model was implemented to study the hotspot plumes extension in reason to identify monitoring wells not affected by diffuse pollution but related to specific sources. Consequently, it was possible to erase this data from the dataset in order to have dataset containing only diffuse concentrations. Interpolating them through geostatistical methods, PCE iso-concentrations maps have been prepared identifying areas where values are over the Maximum Contaminant Level. The second approach consists of using Multivariate Statistical procedures, such as Principal Component and Factor Analysis and k-means CA. Although these techniques were already used to study groundwater quality, this is the first time they have been applied to separate the diffuse pollution component from the pollution related to identified sources. The 2 approaches give very similar results- the higher PCE estimated median value (8 microg l) is representative of Milan city, whereas in the hinterland it is up to 3 microg l.


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