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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.02: Urban Hydrogeology
    Bricker Stephanie
    A multidisciplinary approach based on PSI- derived ground motion, hydrogeological and lithological data to estimate the Chalk aquifer properties in the London Basin
    In London, the Chalk aquifer has been exploited both for public and industrial supply since the 1850s and is one of the most monitored and managed aquifer-systems in the United Kingdom. Although several authors have previously investigated the hydraulic properties of the Chalk aquifer using traditional field and laboratory measurements and experiments, characterization of the Chalk aquifer properties resulting from the presence of discontinuities, and across large spatial-scales, is still a complex task.**In this paper, we apply Persistent Scatterer Interferometry to ERS-1 2 and ENVISAT satellite data covering the periods 1992-2000 and 2002-2010 respectively, to investigate the Chalk aquifer properties across the London Basin. The analysis of the relationship between ground motion, hydraulic head changes and lithological data, allows us to estimate the aquifer storage and compressibility over an area of ~1,360 km2. The storage values obtained using the satellite ground motion data agree with those obtained in situ via pumping tests. The results reveal that the variations in storage coefficient are correlated with changes in hydraulic head and the hydrogeological setting of confining layers. The influence of fractures and discontinuities on aquifer storage is also observed. As a consequence, different policies and zonal planning for certain parts of London are essential to manage the available resource. **The results confirm the usefulness of an integrated approach using PSI, hydrogeological and lithological data to detect the spatio-temporal variability of aquifer properties over wide urban areas, such as the London Basin in the UK.


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