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    Session 6.01: Managed Aquifer Recharge
    Fikri noor azy
    Infiltration Trench - As a Model for Hydrogeological Artificial Recharge at Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia
    Groundwater reserve is one of the most priceless resource in a city. Nevertheless, based on data from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in wells around Bandung Station, there has been decreases in groundwater level which is around 80 meters within 20 years. This decrease is caused by population growth that led to the uncontrolled use of groundwater as a main source of domestic and industrial water, it is also caused by a lot of infrastructure development around groundwater recharge area which covered open area and reduced groundwater infiltration. The purpose of this study is to create artificial recharge model in Bandung to optimize groundwater infiltration as part of a groundwater restoration. **Geological and hydrogeological data is collected to help determine best location of the model. These data also help to maximize model effectiveness by selectively choose main target aquifer and infiltration trench location. Infiltration trench location is targeted alongside the river for a stable water supply throughout the year. Infiltration trench is modelled based on previous data, so the model is suitable for the area. This trench will infiltrate river water to the aquifer and groundwater reserve will increased. This will help to restore groundwater condition by adding more water to the aquifer. Overtime, this will help to stop groundwater level drops and also help to increase groundwater level**


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