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    Oral Presentation
    Session 5.02: Groundwater and global change
    Antoniou Andreas
    Monitoring (and achieving) the Water Goal in Small Island Developing States

    Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are constrained by their size, isolation, natural vulnerability and limited natural and financial resources. Freshwater resources, limited to groundwater in many cases, are exposed to extreme weather events, threats to water quality and increased exploitation due to increased water demand. SIDS, as UN Member States, have adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and are expected to monitor and achieve the proposed targets until 2030. Implementing Goal 6 on water and sanitation means achieving a number of targets related to water quality, water-use efficiency, and integrated management and protection of water resources. Progress towards target achievement will be monitored via flexible indicators able to capture the required changes at various national scales and settings. Many Pacific SIDS rely heavily on groundwater and therefore implementation and achievement of Goal 6 essentially translates to protection and sustainable management of the limited groundwater resources. These aspects may be known to water specialists in Pacific SIDS but may require specific adaptation in the context of the proposed, globally compliant, indicators. We present an overview of the ability of Pacific SIDS to identify, quantify, monitor, and sustainably manage their groundwater resources. The applicability of the proposed indicators is evaluated in the context of Pacific SIDS based on existing conditions, capacity, and infrastructure. Groundwater investigations from a case study in the Pacific Region (Republic of Marshall Islands) served as the basis for this analysis and provided examples to assess the feasibility of calculating the proposed indicators at country level. We finally give recommendations related to the calculation of indicators and highlight knowledge gaps and deficiencies in capacity and infrastructure to carry out the monitoring required for the proposed SDG targets.< p>



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