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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.04: Groundwater and man-made underground works
    Suescun Luis Camilo
    TunWaterFlow V1.0- a software to estimate the groundwater seepage during drilling and calibrate the hydraulic parameters (K, Ss) that generate an observed flow in a tunnel
    One of the most important problems in the construction of tunnels in porous and fractured media, is the groundwater infiltration. The lack of knowledge and due quantification can generate instability of the rock mass, increases pressure on temporary support systems and permanent changes in the geo-mechanical properties of materials, ground movements (subsidence), reduction of surface and groundwater resources, environmental impacts, increase time and cost of the project, among others. **Some authors have studied this subject with analytical models to quantify the infiltration flows in a tunnel, from formulations at steady state with constant hydraulic head, instant drilling, etc. However, the behavior of the excavation is progressive and the tunnel drilling heterogeneous formations and the application of these formulations at steady state are not recommended.**Perrochet [2005a] established a formulation in transient state that considers the progressive drilling in homogeneous and heterogeneous media [Perrochet and Dematteis, 2007]. This last approximation considers a simplification of geology in vertical layers with different hydraulic parameters (K and Ss) and with a convolution integral, it is possible to calculate the discharge into the tunnel (direct problem). However, there is not a tool to do a calibration of flow observed in a portal automatically (inverse modeling).**To solve this limitation, in this work, it was adopted the formulation proposed by Perrochet and Dematteis [2007] and solve the inverse problem with a software developed in Matlab R2013a and called “TunWaterFlow V 1.0”. This software makes a coupling of the existing mathematical model and two calibration algorithms- evolutionary algorithm + simplex algorithm (SCE-UA) and MonteCarlo simulations (GLUE) to allow automatic adjustment of the flow simulated with the observed flow, is possible with comparison the objectives functions. For purposes of showing the utility of this software, it has tested with calibration exercises in three tunnels that were presented during excavation, peak flows infiltration of 200 L s each one (La Línea Tunnel – Colombia, Modane Tunnel– France Italy and Pajares Tunnel – Spain).**


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