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    Oral Presentation
    Session 1.03: Sharing groundwater knowledge
    Cameron Stewart
    Presenting the rejected hypothesis Ð it's contribution to science success
    Hydrological conferences are typically overflowing with success stories. For example, how a scientific hypothesis or research question was supported or answered by experimentation, or how well a model represented reality. What are often not presented (for obvious reasons you may say) are the scientific hypothesis that were refuted, research questions that were not able to be answered, or models that were found to be a poor representation of reality? However, these “non-success” stories can also inform science knowledge, and influence future scientific hypothesis, research questions, and methodologies. Airing the hydrogeological dirty laundry may well stop the next researcher from repeating the same flawed approach. Furthermore, the crooked pathway of arriving at the supported hypothesis may have involved some kind of error oversight learning experience along the way, which helped to achieve the success, but was not presented. This presentation provides examples of hydrologeological related research for which the scientific hypothesis was rejected, and or the error or oversight made helped to inform future research direction and paid a positive contribution to the body of scientific knowledge.
    N. Zélande


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