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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.01: Groundwater and Energy Resources
    Abdelkader Ait Ouali
    Geological potentials of aquifer thermal energy storage in North Algeria
    We present an overview for aquifer energy storage in North Algeria, and the subsurface environment often let the recent technological development of growing demand for this renewable energy source. The technology may be compromising the natural resilience of the subsurface environment.**The main selected aquifers ( Mitidja, Sebaou, Soummam and middle Chélif ) which are intended for thermal energy storage have the following requirements- Max depth of 800 m, approving variant for the installation of low-enthalpy stores in terms of cost. Following the local geological knowledge, many exploratory wells data analyzed on the site, helping by geophysical logging. This let us to have an idea about, depth and thickness of the aquifers and the existence of impermeable layer in the under and overlying sections of the aquifer intended for thermal energy storage. Add to field works we have a net working of pumping and injection well to recording the changes of the water temperature chemical parameters.**In the laboratory analysis, we take care for the geological layers distribution and reservoir petro physical parameters. Some Isotope-hydrochemistry analysis to determine the residence time of the groundwater and to derive a potential communication among neighboring wells. **Concluding, both field and laboratory works suggest that a good geological condition like the Mididja, chelif and soumman sedimentary basin to this aquifer thermal energy storage in different seasons, there is one thing to take care of groundwater chemical quality during the water temperature variation.**


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