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    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.03: Geometrical structure and hydrogeological properties of Hard-Rock aquifers.
    Fekri Ahmed
    Conceptual model of fractured hard rock aquifer functioning through monitoring contamination downstream a landfill (Case of Médiouna landfill, Casablanca, Morocco).
    Groundwater monitoring program around a landfill area is usually undertaken to understand the hydrogeological conditions in order to determine groundwater quality, to describe the occurrence and distribution of pollution and to delineate contaminant plume in aquifer at long term. The groundwater quality degradation represents a significant threat to public health and environment. Furthermore, the fractured aquifer presents a higher vulnerability especiallytoward landfill pollutants.**The Mediouna landfill located 10 km SE of Casablanca is sited on fractured hard rock. This unlined landfillwithout any system to collect the leachate has a capacity volume of nearly three million m3. It started on 1983 in the abandonedquarries of sandstone.**The present study aims to develop an understanding conceptual model to delineate pollution plume downstream the landfill. The assessment of groundwater quality is monitored trough three hydro chemical monitoring campaigns carried out on 2001, 2011 and 2014. **Leachate’s sample and 13 wells groundwater’s water have been selected from up and downstream of the landfill. Key parameters, such pH, electric conductivity and majors elements have been measured as well as chemical oxygen demand for organic pollution indication**The statistical treatment using Principal Component Analysis has identified three well water groups according to their dissolved elements. A first group characterized by high mineralization and organic matter, the second characterized by low concentration of mineralization and total absence of organic matter. The third group shows middle concentrations of both, mineralization and organic matter.**As results, (i) the front of pollution is progressing toward Casablanca city, related to a structural control mainly by the lineaments. The high values are registered close to the landfill and they decrease far of it (ii) the mineral pollution is progressing downstream faster than the organic one.**


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