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    Oral Presentation
    Session 1.03: Sharing groundwater knowledge
    Richard-ferroudji Audrey
    How to make groundwater visible? A review of communication tools
    In the past 40 years, groundwater use has played a role in defining the development of intensive agriculture and expansion of industries, providing economic development to rural communities in both low and high income countries. Meanwhile it has been confronted with an increasing risk of depletion and pollution leading to more water scarcity and crisis. In this context, Groundwater experts strive to make groundwater issues visible. They face the challenge of shedding light on groundwater while the eyes are more easily on the surface water. Groundwater is an almost unseen resource that is easily forgotten. Its hydro-geological dynamics are complex and largely unknown. In many situations, there is no shared representation of the aquifers, especially between experts and users. Hydrologist face a dual challenge- first to develop knowledge on groundwater and secondly to share this knowledge. This second challenge requests specific equipment. This communication aims to question communication on groundwater through inventorying tools used for this purpose in France and in India.**The inventory is based on web mining, literature, interviews and observation. More specifically, in France the survey focuses on the tools developed in the frame of SAGE and territorial bodies dedicated to groundwater. In India, it considers innovative tools used by Groundwater Boards. In this country, over-exploitation has led to the proliferation of warnings and thereby the development of original tools such as participatory mapping of groundwater. **This study aims at developing a critical stance on the tools used and the way they frame interactions (public targeted, format, perimeter, information, indicators used, values, issues made visible, assets and limits) to improve communication on groundwater.**


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