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    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.05: Karst aquifers
    Aydin Harun
    Characterization of a High Altitude Karst Aquifer in Eastern Turkey
    Turkish karst is mostly known by its large scale aquifers along the Mediterranean coast. However, the eastern part of the country also exhibits extensive karst with large scale karst aquifers. Gurpinar karst system, one of the best examples, is developed within Paleozoic-Mesozoic marble at the S-SE section of Lake Van basin. This study aims at hydrogeological characterization and conceptualization of the Gurpinar karst system with evaluation of physical and dynamic properties. The elevation of the watershed which extends over an area 471 km2 ranges between 1648 to 3680 m asl. Groundwater from the Gurpinar karst aquifer discharges through one major and three smaller secondary springs at Gurpinar plain. The minimum, maximum and average flow rate of the largest spring known Samran were measured as 3.4, 7.3, and 5.2 m3 s, respectively. The results of spring recession analysis revealed that total volume of annual storage of the aquifer is about 226×106 m3 with a recession coefficient of 0.0017 day-1. The long-term temperature, pH and specific electrical conductivity values are in the range of 10.2-10.6 °C, 6.27-7.34 and 647-944 IS cm with coefficient of variation as 1.06, 2.02 and 3.3, respectively. The spring water is depleted with respect to stable isotopes (d18O-= -11.5‰ and dD= -77.1‰) compared to the aquifers in the Mediterranean karst region of Turkey. The deuterium excess of the local meteoric line is found to be 16.5 which falls between the global meteoric line (d=10) and the eastern Mediterranean meteoric line (d=22). The relative deuterium excess values (16.5‰) in precipitation implies that the precipitation originating from mixing of different origin. As a result of all evaluations the conceptual model of Gurpinar karst system were obtained.****Acknowledgements- This study is funded by TUBITAK-CAYDAG (project number- 106Y040).


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