Présentations Colloques

    Oral Presentation
    Session 8.10: Recent developments in groundwater modeling and mathematical tools in Hydrogeology
    Lassaad Ben Saad
    Geostatistical integration of logging and hydrogeological data for the characterization of the intermediate aquifer system in Sfax, Tunisia.
    The Sfax basin, located in east-central Tunisia, presents a multilayered aquifer system submitted to arid and semi-arid climatic conditions. It is formed by the surface layers, the deep aquifer and by intermediate aquifer levels, recently discovered, which are characterized by heterogeneous lithology. The intermediate aquifer system covers much of the plain of Sfax and provides very important groundwater reserves. Although it is already operated since 2007, it remains little known and its geometrical and hydrogeological characteristics are poorly defined. The objectives of this work are- hydrogeological characterization by geophysical methods to better reflect the heterogeneity of aquifers, geostatistical integration of geological and hydrogeological data for representing 3D spatial distribution of deposits, and the construction of a geological model for this aquifer system through the integration of geophysical and hydrogeological data. The results showed a good knowledge of the geometry of the reservoir which is of paramount importance in all work for the rational management of water resources of this aquifer system.


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