Présentations Colloques

    Session 8.11: Hydrogeodesy: new surface tools to characterize and monitor active and managed groundwater systems
    Pan Yun
    Long-term groundwater storage changes in Haihe River Basin, China, from GRACE and in situ observations
    GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) is widely applied in groundwater resource research as its unique ability on monitoring terrestrial water storage changes. The limited data period, however, restricts the cognition of historical evolution of the groundwater storage(GWS) change over a longer time frame. In this study, we used the GRACE data (2003-2015) and the groundwater level observations (1962-1983) to estimate the GWS changes in Haihe River Basin(HRB), with a focus on the long-term evolution of GWS as well as the hydrological implications of GRACE. The impacts of natural and anthropogenic driving factors were further analyzed through the comparing of the two periods. It is expected that this study will improve the understanding on GWS changes and GRACE measurements in this area.


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