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    Oral Presentation
    Session 5.02: Groundwater and global change
    Antoniou Andreas
    Global Groundwater Monitoring Network- the role of information technology for international cooperation and global studies
    Groundwater management decisions rely strongly on the availability and quality of monitoring data. Recognizing the need for a systematic collection of groundwater data, International Groundwater Centre (IGRAC) took the initiative to establish a Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN). GGMN is a participative, web-based network of networks, set up to improve quality and accessibility of groundwater monitoring information and subsequently our knowledge on the state of groundwater resources. **In 2016, a new GGMN Portal was developed based on cloud solutions to enable processing of large data sets from both monitoring stations as well as earth observations. The GGMN portal provides an overview of the availability of groundwater monitoring data through space and time. A time series analysis tool was developed to better understand temporal changes of groundwater levels. The tool follows a step-by-step procedure to identify trends, periodic fluctuations and an autoregressive model to obtain a simulation of the time series. Both climatic and anthrophonic influences on the groundwater can be identified. The GGMN Portal is integrated with QGIS, an open source Geographic Information System. As such, the data in the GGMN Portal can be used to create spatially interpolated groundwater level maps or for further offline processing and modelling purposes.**The GGMN operates according to the principles of the World Meteorological Organization and UNESCO with the aim of encouraging the widespread use of hydrological data for national, regional and global studies. The GGMN has been introduced to over 50 countries including the organization of five regional GGMN workshops in various parts of the world. The workshops highlighted the importance of a global network for improved cooperation and management strategies for transboundary aquifers. The new software, workshop outcomes and the role of GGMN in relation to global studies will be presented. **


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