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    Oral Presentation
    Session 3.01: Groundwater data in the New Digital Age
    Bronders Jan
    What to do with all your hydrogeological data- some ideas for data management
    In hydrogeology water quantity and quality data are import- to monitor the status of the water bodies, for model calibration and validation, and for (statistical) evaluation of trends. Apart from grab sample data, advances in sensor technology continuously improve the possibility for detailed monitoring of the groundwater system. When large amounts of data become available proper data management is important. To facilitate the pathway from data to information and solutions we developed two data management tools- WaterProtect and Sensorview.**WaterProtect is a web-based tool allowing to access, explore and evaluate surface water and groundwater monitoring data. The application offers geo-referenced visualisation of monitoring results on different background maps as well as graphical and tabular representation of selected data. The tool contains tailor made reporting features as well as functionalities to facilitate the interpretation of the data such as land use maps, catchment areas, comparison with user-defined environmental quality standards. The tool is currently used for the evaluation of groundwater and surface water quality data collected in Belgium. **Sensorview, is a web application for geographical representation, visualization, analysis, evaluation, and management of monitoring data. The application can handle data from grab samples or manual measurements, sensor data recorded at a fixed location and sensor data recorded by mobile platforms (the latter relates only to surface water). The SensorView user can assemble all monitoring data from a considered area of interest in a single system and exploit these data for various purposes- water quality management, status evaluation, risk management and early warning. The tool has mainly been applied for collecting and interpretation of mobile sensor data, but can as well serve for storing and interpretation of groundwater data.**Both tools will be presented including cases from Belgium.**


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