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    Session 4.01: Innovative economic instruments and institutions for achieving sustained groundwater use. Integrated socio-economic and biophysical modeling for groundwater and conjunctive use management
    Dominique Darmendrail
    Which finding for Research and Innovation for Water in Europe and beyond Europe ?
    Research and Innovation are funded through different mechanisms- single funder (FP7, National Programmes) or bilateral funding, and since 2008, an increased role of the multilateral mechanism via the Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs). The overall aim of the Joint Programming process is to pool national research efforts in order to make better use of Europe's precious public R&D resources and to tackle common European challenges more effectively. With the switch of H2020 to Innovation actions, JPIS will play a major role for European academic and applied research.**Since 2012, the Water JPI has assembled a cohesive group of European RDI Programmes from 20 partner countries plus the European Commission. The Water JPI has developed a joint vision on water challenges, a shared Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and an operative management structure, which has reached a critical mass of 88% of the public annual RDI expenditures (around 500M€ per year). Progress towards alignment of national research agendas is a crucial priority enabling the optimal use of national research funds.**The Water JPI is launching annual Joint Transnational Calls- 2013 call on emerging contaminants (9 M€, 7 projects funded), 2015 call on wastewater treatment and water reuse (15.2 M€, 16 projects funded) and 2016 call on water and agriculture challenges (25.5M€ - call deadline- 19 April 2016). **The Water JPI has encouraged and stimulated the opening of the JPI to several international partner countries (5 involved in the 2016 call) to become privileged partners in international cooperation, and increasing the leverage effect and expected impacts.**The presentation highlights the major achievements, the objectives (JPI activities budget amounting to at least 20% of the publically funded RDI expenditures in 2020) and the future activities such as the development of a water knowledge hub and progressing an online platform on infrastructure & mobility, in cooperation with the research communities.**


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