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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.07: Transdisciplinary and participatory approaches in groundwater research and management
    Ana Rolindes Eugercios Silva
    Development of organic compounds transport model for the sustainable management of groundwater in a deep aquifer
    Water resources management in aquifers involving participation of stakeholders with different interests is not an easy task. Management strategies should be designed to ensure long-term sustainable development of the water resource. An integrated approach using a numerical model and the simulation of future scenarios that take into account the needs and interests of each stakeholder is recognized as a useful management tool that supports the decision-making process.**This integrated approach was used to analyze the vulnerability and sustainability of a deep aquifer in an area where a conflict of interest exists between different stakeholders. These conflicts are related to limitations on water use for industrial, agricultural and potable purposes from- 1) a quantitative point of view, due to decreased groundwater levels during recent dry years+ and 2) a qualitative point of view, due to impacts on groundwater by organic compound resulting from localized spills in an industrial facility.**Numerical flow and transport models, in conjunction with a Quantitative Risk Assessment and evaluation of water disposal alternatives, were used as a conflict management tool through the simulation of future scenarios that incorporated climate change and socioeconomic drivers. Behavior of the organic compound plume was modelled allowing key management factors to be identified and communicated to stakeholders. These included- 1) potential future resource limitations for existing and new groundwater users+ 2) selection of a hydraulic barrier as the best way to limit further down-gradient migration of the plume+ and 3) optimization of the barrier design including location of boreholes and treatment plant, use or disposal of the treated water, minimum barrier operation time to meet water quality threshold values for irrigation and potable uses.**


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