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    Oral Presentation
    Session 6.02: Treated WasteWater REUSE for groundwater recharge: addressing the challenge
    Garoute Aude
    Methodology to design a permeable reactive barrier for soil aquifer treatment
    As anthropogenic pressures on fresh water resources are expected to intensify in the future, managed aquifer recharge (MAR) could play a crucial role in sustaining water availability for various uses. Among the numerous MAR schemes that can be designed and implemented to meet local needs, interest is rising for Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT), a technical solution based on infiltration and purification of treated wastewaters through the unsaturated zone. One of the main challenges of SAT is how to design and build an effective Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) to protect receiving groundwater. To address this challenge a methodology was developed, within the scope of a collaborative project entitled ACTISOL, to assess the feasibility of a pond equipped with PRB for infiltration of treated municipal wastewater. **This methodology breaks up into 4 steps- 1) analysis of the regulatory, environmental and socio economic context of the site, 2) design of the PRB- selection of reactive materials (local soil, sand and other reactive materials), reactive transfer numerical modelling and column trials for improving process efficiency, 3) design of the MAR scheme (shape and size of infiltration ponds with PRB) and 4) cost-benefit analysis of the MAR scheme including operation and monitoring.**This methodology was developed from the following work items- reactive transfer numerical modelling (BRGM), identification and characterisation of geo-materials (GRS Valtech), column trials (BRGM), monitoring (Solexperts), construction and operation of an experimental 150 m3 PRB (VeRI), health risk assessment (Lorraine University) and engineering (Artelia). The ACTISOL project was supported by the French Ministry of Industry under the Eco Industries Program.


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