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    Session 1.03: Sharing groundwater knowledge
    Han (orateur)
    International Association of Hydrogeologists and CHINA
    KEYWORDS- IAH, CHINA, National Chapter**Before 1985, there were a few Chinese participators for International Association of Hydrogeologists which founding in 1956. A Chinese team who are senior hydrogeologist attended the 18th IAH congress in Cambridge, UK in 1985. More and more Chinese delegates presented the conferences since then. And a lot of young career hydrogeologists are interesting for IAH action. The IAH National Chapter of China was first established in 1987 and continuously since that time. The IAH members in P.R. China were increased in these years. The IAH members in Hong Kong and Taiwan, who have close contacted with China Chapter. IAH congress meeting have hold in China in twice. The 21th congress holds in Guilin city, 10-15 October, 1988 which theme is Karst Hydrogeology and Karst environmental Protection. The 34th congress holds in Beijing, 9-14 October, 2006 which theme is Groundwater – Present status and future task. IAH China Chapter is one of the organizers for both of the congress. The IAH China chapter serves for all IAH members and other scientists promoting groundwater sciences in China. Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge and Commission on Regional Groundwater Flow have the meetings in China. There were a lot of national conferences on Hydrogeology and Groundwater sciences almost every year since 1987. Those national conferences associate with Commission on Hydrogeology, Geology Society of China in operation. There were more than one hundred attendees in each of the conferences. Many Chinese IAH members were the editors of Hydrogeology Journal. IAH China Chapter is responsible for the Chinese translation for the abstract. The Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering is an international journal for the natural sciences. The sponsors are IAH China chapter, Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, CAGS and Commission on Hydrogeology, Geological Society of China. It is published quarterly in English since 2013.


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