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    Session 8.06: Verification of conceptual patterns and expected natural effects of regional groundwater flow by interpretation of relevant field observations
    Adám TÓth
    Groundwater-related environmental phenomena in complex geologic setting of Tihany Peninsula, Hungary
    Gravity-driven groundwater flow, controlled and determined by topography, geology and climate, is responsible for several natural surface manifestations and affected by anthropogenic processes. Therefore, flowing groundwater can be regarded as an environmental agent. Numerical simulation of groundwater flow could reveal the flow pattern and explain the observed features. However, in complex geologic framework, the geologic–hydrogeologic knowledge is limited to build reliable numerical models.**The aim of the study was understanding the background and occurrence of groundwater-related environmental phenomena, such as wetlands, surface water-groundwater interaction, slope instability in the Tihany Peninsula with complex geologic setting based on electromagnetic geophysical, hydrogeological survey and numerical simulation.**The hydrogeologic model was prepared on the basis of the compiled archive geophysical database and the results of recently performed geophysical measurements complemented with geologic-hydrogeologic data. Derivation of different electrostratigraphic units, revealing fracturing and detecting tectonic elements was achieved by systematically combined electromagnetic geophysical methods. The deduced information can be used as model input for groundwater flow simulation concerning hydrostratigraphy, geometry and boundary conditions.**The 3D model clarified the hydraulic behaviour of the formations, revealed the subsurface hydraulic connection between groundwater and wetlands and displayed the groundwater discharge pattern, as well.**The position of wetlands, their vegetation type, discharge features and induced landslides were explained as environmental imprints of groundwater. The highly vulnerable wetlands have to be in the focus of water management and natural conservation policy.**


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