Présentations Colloques

    Session 8.05: Karst aquifers
    Protection and management of a sensitive natural environment- the grottes merveilleuses , jijel cornice - Algeria
    Karst caves constitute a sensitive and specific environment which requires specific management constraints for its protection and development (tourism and culture). Various factors such as the combined influence of temperature and air humidity variations (of condensation and evaporation) and exposure to air flows can be the cause of degradation. Human factors for their part are not negligible.**The approach developed in the case of “Grottes Merveilleuses” of Jijel Cornice in Algeria, is based on a functional analysis of the environment- after a description of the geological and hydrogeological aspects that govern the formation of this cave and after a topographic survey of 3th degree, the environment is instrumented to determine its sensitivity to direct or indirect influences on the factors involved in the conservation of this heritage.**Thus, continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, heat exchanges and aerodynamic conditions, shows that the introduction of excess energy (visitors, lighting, air mass) destabilizes the natural system, determining a risk of degradation in the cavity.**These results are used to optimize visit protocols and define amenities and improvements (lighting power, entrance area, visitor’s circuit) compatible with satisfactory storage conditions.**


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