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    Session 7.05: The Challenges for Transboundary aquifer management
    Han (orateur)
    Groundwater resources and Transboundary Aquifers in Asia
    Asia is the largest continent in the world. It could be divided into East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia and Caucasus. Groundwater characters in Asia are various. Some regions are underlined by aquifers extending over large areas, while the floodplain alluvial deposits usually accompany the largest rivers. There is small rainfall and strong evaporation in inland arid area of central Asia. However the thawing of glaciers and snow from high mountains is favorable to recharge groundwater. The carbonate rocks are widely distributed in Southeast Asia, in which karst is considerable developed. The groundwater could be differentiated into eleven groundwater systems and 36 sub-systems. Groundwater resources assessments have been taken in most countries of Asia. The hydrogeological survey on a medium scale has performed regional quantitative assessment of natural groundwater resources. As the groundwater abstractions increases, negative consequences may become manifest like falling groundwater tables, land subsidence and seawater intrusion. To sustain groundwater use in such stressed aquifers, interventions need to be developed that slow down or even reverse aquifer depletion, including the management of groundwater demand and the conjunctive use of surface water. To conserve the productive capacity of aquifers requires constant monitoring of groundwater quantity and quality and includes aquifer protection. There are several aquifers, involving two or more countries in Asia. Transboundary aquifers as part of groundwater resource systems are important for Asian countries. The updated regional inventory of Transboundary aquifers will form basis to governance TBAs among the political leaders, policy makers and planners. We have collected the essential and the missed Transboundary aquifers data. Most Transboundary Aquifers are inventory according the published achievements in the last several years. 67 Transboundary Aquifers are inventoried. Those aquifers in Asia are important for building a society where all civilizations coexist harmoniously and accommodate each other.


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