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    Session 7.03: Agricultural and sanitation contaminants and implications for water services and health
    Zavattero et DU
    Groundwater flow numerical modeling based on estimates of rainfall infiltration and groundwater abstraction for irrigation of cropland
    Integrated hydrodynamic modeling is recognized as an efficient approach for quantitative scenario making and a reliable method for groundwater management, provided that the numerical simulations are from a validated model. The model set-up, however, involves many inputs due to the hydrology of a complex system. Rainfall infiltration and groundwater abstraction are important inputs of the groundwater flow model since they control recharge and depletion of the unconfined aquifer. The accuracy of the model output is influenced by the estimates of these two inputs.**Agricultural activities are among the main land uses in the lower Var river valley on the French Riviera and almost 1 3 of the valley is of concerned. While private pumping wells in the unconfined aquifer are authorized for irrigation in this area, the abstracted volumes are not documented. Due to disconnection between the river and groundwater table, the rainfall infiltration is the most direct water feeding process of the unconfined aquifer.**In this paper, monthly cumulative precipitation and monthly potential evapotranspiration are used through a water-balance method so as to estimate first the monthly actual evapotranspiration and rainfall infiltration terms. Secondly, the groundwater abstraction by farmers is estimated by using recorded data of groundwater levels underneath cropland areas. These inputs are used by the groundwater flow model of the lower Var river valley on a 1266 days finite element simulation. This method gives good results of predicted groundwater levels for both the rainy season and the dry season- the Nash coefficients calculated at two wells in cropland areas are respectively 0.747 and 0.751. It is concluded that this method requires detailed information on land-use in order to obtain a precise estimate of the imperviousness of the study area to validate the model.


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