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    Session 2.01: Groundwater in semiarid regions – a long-term view on changes in aquifer balances. Hydrogeology in developing countries.
    Fouad (orateur)
    Monitoring of water drilling exploitation as a tool of rationalization of agricultural irrigation
    Groundwater represents an important part of Moroccan water resources. Its management and policy decisions was improved in recent decades regarding the huge increase of water demand to meet objectives fixed by the national development programs, mainly in agricultural domain.**The aim of Morocco Green Plan “Maroc vert” is to modernize agriculture by developing many sectors across the country. This issue requires the valorization of large irrigated lands by implanting big water volumes consuming projects, mainly from groundwater. Therefore, most moroccan aquifers storage decrease continuously with a large deficit. **Good management of agricultural projects based on irrigation requires a mastering water resource knowledge. Also the sustainability of groundwater resources requires more rationalization and good monitoring, to guarantee a medium-term visibility and to anticipate probable dysfunctions in the future.**The purpose of this communication is to show across a case study the importance of good monitoring of water drilling exploitation. The study was done in an agricultural farm of 600 hectares area with high-density olive trees on fifteen water-operating structures. **This monitoring allows the quantification of the water and energy consumption from an agricultural season to another one+ to better constrain the relationship between the rainfall importance and distribution with water production+ and to anticipate decisions to guarantee the good operation of the irrigation system.**


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