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    Session 3.01: Groundwater data in the New Digital Age
    Ayache (orateur)
    A SIGES is a website that allows publicizing and valorizing information related to groundwater. This information concerns either a specific administrative region or a geographical division based on watersheds.****The utilization of SIGES started 10 years ago at BRGM. The Aquitaine region was the first to use this technology, and now SIGES projects are being developed on the whole territory for diverse regional needs.****Collected information has been registered in databases in order to reunite, process and manage these data. SIGES also assure the permanence of information. The development of Internet has permitted to publicize data, for instance with ADES website (Accès aux Données sur les Eaux Souterraines) and with BRGM’s website Infoterre. However, these national databases don’t allow responding on their own to all concerns about groundwater. Thus, SIGES aim to share means and information in order to answer those concerns. ****A server coupled to databases have been developed to constitute SIGES, a portal access to groundwater information, with the following aims-**- Increase the availability of information about groundwater+**- implement a tool made of geo-referenced databases , and related cartographic materials +**- facilitate data access to help the management of groundwater , while promoting consultations and treatment of information+**- facilitate the use of data for assessments, diagnoses, etc.****Free of charge and accessible to everyone, SIGES is built to be easy to understand and manipulate by users of different level. Committed to a local regional development, SIGES respond to the needs and motivations of groundwater managers. This website is a unique portal which gives access to compiled data on a regional scale. **
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