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    Session 1.03: Sharing groundwater knowledge
    Zouhri (orateur)
    Hydrodynamics of the chalk aquifer- a new hydrogeological experimental site of LaSalle Beauvais (Picardie)
    The groundwater represents a major factor in the economical and social development in the northern part of France (Oise department, Picardie). In the last decade, industrial, agricultural activities and the development the of the Beauvias-Tillé airport have continued to increase with an intense stress on the alluvial aquifer. So, environmental and water offices were led to search new and deepewater resources in the Picardie and to setup groundwater protection zones. The construction of a new hydrogeological experimental site in the campus of the ”Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais” can help in making a groundwater policy. This site aims to-**- Understand the groundwater recharge in the Cretaceous chalk formations. Many hydrogeological wells have been realized and equipped with automatic probes of the groundwater levels, temperature and electrical conductivity. **- Monitoring the evolution of the hydrodynamic characteristics of the chalk aquifer. These parameters are rarely studied in the Picardie and the experimental site offers an opportunity to estimate the transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity and water content by using the powerful hydrogeophysics methods (RMP- The Magnetic Resonance Sounding).**- Understand the behavior, structure and the chalk aquifer functioning. The core drillingwill be the subject of an extensive study accompanied with the analysis and the interpretation of cuttings resulting from the core well.**- Characterize the petrophysical parameters of the chalk aquifer by using the well logging technics in order to follow the variation of the gamma ray, electrical conductivity.**


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