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    Oral Presentation
    Session 6.01: Managed Aquifer Recharge
    Sallwey Jana
    Web-based decision support system for planning and management of MAR sites
    Effective planning and operation of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) schemes require a thorough understanding of the site-specific conditions as well as the processes characterizing the particular recharge methods. To support MAR management a tool is being developed to provide assistance to users with different levels of knowledge in groundwater recharge assessment and MAR specific applications. The core of the tool is a web-based decision support system comprising a compilation of common public domain models and instruments for data acquisition, storage, processing and visualization. A knowledge base will hold data including soil properties, lithology and land surface properties maps as well as meteorological and hydrological time-series data provided by internal (user-defined) and external (e.g. remote sensing) sources. The selection of a feasible approach to assess MAR-related issues is complex and requires a profound understanding of analytical and numerical models. To guide the user through this model selection, applications have been formulated that consider MAR objectives as well as issues related to the operation and maintenance of MAR schemes. These applications include operation and design optimization, geochemical processes during MAR, assessment of water quality and quantity improvement, recovery efficiency evaluation, and restoration of groundwater levels. These applications consist of up to four integral steps- a) estimation of groundwater deficit considering drivers of global change+ b) GIS-based selection of suitable sites and of MAR techniques+ c) assessment of MAR efficiency+ and d) MAR operation design. Simulation tools of various degrees of complexity are allocated to these four steps and the MAR specific applications. Thus the users are provided with a ready-to-use, web-based approach for their MAR related challenges. This paper depicts the tool selection for the decision support system, the allocation of tools to MAR specific applications and a case study showing the applicability of the decision support system.


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