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    Oral Presentation
    Session 7.06: Groundwater protection and governance: examples of groundwater protection models, and the role of the private sector
    Hendrayana Heru
    The Development of AMATA PERSADAA, Assessment Tools for Groundwater Protection Practices.

    During the last decades, as the result of the increase of water needs, a progressive shift from surface water to groundwater has occurred in Indonesia. Groundwater thus has become a strategic water source in the country, with some critical impacts on its status such as overexploitation and degradation of its quality. In addition, the Law of Republic Indonesia which regulated the management of groundwater resources in Indonesia, were cancelled in February 2015 since both were considered not to be compliant with the 1945 Indonesian Constitution. In order to cope with this challenging context, the GroundWater Working Group (GWWG) of Gadjah Mada University of Jogjakarta and industrial groundwater users took initiative to develop a self-evaluation tool for groundwater management to be used by industries, namely the Matriks Penilaian Perlindungan Sumber Daya Air Tanah (MATA PERSADA, &ldquo+The Eye of Mother Earth&rdquo+ in the Indonesian language). The method is inspired by the SPRING (Sustainable Protection and Resource ManagING) methodology, developed by Danone Waters since 2011 and implemented in all its bottling sites worldwide. MATA PERSADA assesses the groundwater management performance through 49 parameters distributed in five groups- data and information, conservation, utilization, controlling, and partnership and institution. The overall performance is determined using a point-count system method then translated into one of the five qualifiers, ranging from poor to outstanding management. MATA PERSADA is expected to become an official assessment standard for groundwater management by industries across Indonesia. Hence, the implementation of the tool aims at contributing to a more sustainable water resources management in Indonesia. These kind of methodologies (MATA PERSADA, SPRING&hellip+) will surely be a key driver in the future to encourage industries to improve their good practices as regards management and protection of groundwater resources, especially if their score is recognized as an environmental key performance indicators by local authorities.< p>



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